Love Luxury Fashion? Remember the Name: The Bicester Village

If you’re the kind of traveler who has a knack for buying luxury items at a big discount, you might have heard of the Bicester Village — home of branded stores offering as low as 60% discount just an hour away from London.

Now, you’ll hear about it more often after its group — Chic Outlet Shopping — has recently rebranded to take on the name as The Bicester Village Shopping Collection.

“As The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, we look to the heart of our success: the world-renowned Bicester Village, where it all began. Twenty-two years ago, Bicester Village sprang out of a field in the heart of Oxfordshire to evolve into one of the most stylish shopping streets in the world,” explains the company about its rebranding.

Bicester Village. Photo courtesy of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection

The Bicester Village Shopping Collection is known in Europe and China for offering extremely good discounts for luxury items across 1,300 boutique stores. Its villages are increasingly popular side trips for Filipino tourists in Dublin, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, Suzhou and Shanghai, among other cities.

The group’s team were in the Philippines recently to announce the change in name and acknowledge the role of Filipino tourism in driving growth to the business. That growth contributed to the 40 million guests which the group’s 11 locations welcomed in 2017.

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