This country is the most popular for solo Filipino travelers

Japan stands out as the most popular destination for solo Filipino travelers, according to agoda. Photo by Workalife

Solo travel by Filipinos has risen by 45% between January 2016 and December 2017, according to online travel booking platform agoda. This is true for both domestic and international travel, where one-person bookings all increased at around the same rate last year.

Japan stands out as the most popular international destination for solo Filipino travelers, with 1 in every 5 one-person international booking set on this country.

“With food and accommodation options for every budget, hospitable locals, and diverse experiences on offer, Japan is the perfect solo travel destination. In recent years, we’ve seen the rising popularity of capsule hotels, catering for solo travelers who want a budget-friendly way to explore the rich tradition and unique eccentricities of Japan,” says agoda’s Global Director for Brand and Communications, Andrew Edwards.

Meanwhile, the fastest growing international destination are Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia.

Domestically, Angeles City (Clark) is the most popular, but Palawan and Batangas are fast-growing to be the preferred destination for solo travelers.

Have you ever traveled solo? Here’s how to do it in Busan.

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