80% of Filipino Trips Still Local, says Agoda


The average Filipino traveler made 4 trips locally in the last 12 months. Chart courtesy of Agoda


About 80% of trips made by Filipinos in the past year were concentrated locally, with Manila, Cebu, Boracay and Palawan topping the list of most popular destinations, according to a survey of 11,762 Asia-Pacific respondents aged 18-64 commissioned by Agoda early this year.

Filipinos surveyed had taken an average of 4 trips locally, compared to 1 internationally, of which Hong Kong and Singapore are the most popular destinations.

To understand how big that number is, think of this figure: Filipinos made 5.7 million trips in 54 countries in 2016, according to Workalife.

“Young Filipinos are traveling more and more to get the richest travel experience they can. They’re keen to get off the beaten track,” said Andrew Edwards, Agoda’s Global Director for Brand and Communications.

What makes Filipino travelers tick? Agoda names three preferences: nature and scenery; food and dining; and sun, island and beach.

Thais also traveled more locally, averaging 5.1 trips in the last 12 months. Indonesia and Malaysia were close behind with an average of 3.9 and 3.4 trips, whereas Australia and Singapore managed 2.7 and 1.1 domestic trips in the past year.

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Top 10 Destinations for Filipino Travelers, according to Agoda:

1 – Manila

2 – Cebu

3 – Boracay

4 – Palawan

5 – Hong Kong

6 – Baguio

7 – Singapore

8 – Bohol

9 – Tagaytay

10 – Davao

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