Marianas Visitors Authority Introduces ‘America’s Best Kept Secret’ to the Philippine Market

Saipan in Northern Mariana Islands. Photo by P. Miller via Wikimedia Commons

Few beach and island destinations in the U.S. can ever match the unique appeal of the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, a friendly, fun, and exciting destination just four hours away from Manila.

Marianas Visitors Authority (MVA) plans to further introduce Northern Mariana Islands to Filipinos after recently launching a local office in the Philippines through Aviareps, the world’s leading representation company in the tourism industry. The move marks MVA’s entry in the Philippine market that it considers as a potential source of inbound tourism for the group of islands, composed of Tinian, Rota, and Saipan.

The Philippines shares several similarities with Northern Mariana Islands, aptly called “America’s Best Kept Secret”. Occupied by the Spaniards and Japanese, the chain of idyllic islands were witnesses to major events of World War II in the Pacific. Its proximity to the Philippines has also made it a destination of Filipinos who today make up a third of the island group’s population.

Yet Northern Mariana Islands proves to be a destination like no other in the Western Pacific. For a small U.S. territory, the island group offers varied experiences from thrill-seeking land, water, and air-based activities to laid-back options like golf and luxury shopping. Its 1,482 kilometers of coastline reveal breathtaking cliffs, beyond which tourists also marvel the islands’ underwater treasures like the Blue Grotto, considered one of the best cavern dives in the world.

“Northern Mariana Islands is ideal for adventure and relaxation where one can enjoy nature in activities such as submarine tours, sunset cruises, golf, jungle treks, and more. Filipinos, who love to travel with their family and friends, will definitely find something they enjoy in the Northern Mariana Islands,” says Jean Lugan, MVA’s Philippine representative.

The Northern Mariana Islands has become more accessible with the opening of Philippine Airlines flight between Saipan and Manila twice weekly every Monday and Thursday.

To enjoy the islands, MVA recommends a stay of at least five days. Hotel options range from luxury hotels and resorts to value accommodations.

13616192_10208231879848861_2075000640_oOn the photo: From left, Abraham Ong, Marketing Manager, MVA.; Brian Ong, Blogger, Philippines and Beyond; Bradley Wilson, Business Development, Best Sunshine Inc.; Hon. Victor Hocog Lt. Governor, CNMI; John Giray, Commercial Group, U.S. Embassy; Christopher Concepcion, Managing Director, MVA; Jean Lugan, Philippine Representative, MVA; Juan Barcinas, Director, MVA; and Jemy See, Senior Adviser, MVA

To promote the islands to more Filipinos, MVA hosted a series of events for travel agents in Manila, Cebu, and Davao attended by MVA officials, Philippine Airlines representatives, and executives of Luxus Pacific, which offers tours in the Northern Mariana Islands.

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