Road Less Traveled in Rizal Leads to a Secret Lake House

It is easy to miss Jala-Jala, a quaint town in Rizal, when the popular Pililia Wind Farm beckons you to turn left to the mountains, the turbines, and straight through the shortcut to Laguna.

A two-hour drive from Marikina in Metro Manila, Jala-Jala sits on the tip of a peninsula sandwiched by Laguna de Bay — the largest lake in the Philippines — and a mountain range that include hiking destination Mount Sembrano.

The shortcut bypasses the Pililia-Jala-Jala-Pakil way, the road less traveled in this part of Rizal. But the way offers one of the scenic routes along the placid lake and stretches of rice paddies — a glimpse of life by Laguna Lake.

It’s also home to a secret we recently stumbled upon on Agoda and Airbnb: a residence-turned private lakeside resort aptly named after named after a freshwater flora — Lily Vacation Farm House:


Opened this year, the resort is separated only small barangay road from Laguna Lake. The wide property looks more like a small ranch, complete with a horse, some ATVs, a pool, and a basketball court.




With three big rooms inside the house and a tent which can be set up glamping-style, the property can accommodate as much as 25 people (We think 10 to 20 is optimal, though).





The best thing about the property is its expansive open field, which can easily host an intimate gathering from a family event to a corporate team building session.



At night, you can sit by a bonfire under a tree and grill hotdog on a stick.

It’s a relaxing weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. To stay at the property, guests need to book the entire resort.

In addition, the place does not offer food but has dining and cooking amenities you’d find at home. It is best to bring your own food as the town market is far — just among the perks of a location that’s away from the crowd.

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