The Future of Travel: Co-living, Bag-free Travel, Microadventures

Glamping on Pinterest. A portmanteau of glamour and camping, glamping is becoming big in the Philippines as more resorts are offering this “microadventure” for those who want to escape in the weekend

Euromonitor International recently unveiled the 2016 WTM Global Trends Report during the World Travel Mart, predicting how the future of travel would look like based on key trends sweeping across the globe.

Three main trends are worth noting:

  1. Co-living Nomads

Meet the “Roamie”, described as “a 21st century nomad who travels the world and craves all amenities wherever he or she stays.” This is a major trend in the Americas where traveling around world while staying in co-living communities are becoming popular. As more travelers go on solo trips, this business is becoming a lucrative segment for start-ups.

2. Bag-free, Hassle-free Travel

More and more people are leaving their suitcases at home. And why would you need them when hotels and travel providers are offering pay-as-you-go services such as clothing to buy or shoes to rent? This trend just proves that the sharing economy is only to grow stronger as the market most open to sharing — millennials — become a majority in the travel segments.

3. Microadventures and Bleisure

Microadventures are for the thrill-seekers short on time but who want new and adventurous experiences. Busy road warriors are now looking for adventures they can conquer over the weekend. This includes businessmen traveling for conventions, sales, and other purposes who will extend a night or two just to enjoy the city.

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